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Dishwasher repair

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Some repairs can be completed at home.


Dishwasher tips

Clean your dishwasher’s filter regularly.

Use special detergent for regular dishwasher cleaning.

Run the dishwasher with a small amount of special detergent to remove mineral from water and soap accumulation.

Inspect the spinning and/or spray arms regularly and make sure the spray holes are open and clean of food particles.

If you need the professional repair service, we’re happy to help.  Just fill in the Simple Form.  Or give us a call at (404)396-0939.


Common problems Dishwasher Repair 


Does not work at all

No power
Make sure the dishwasher is plugged in.  Check for a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker. 

Door switch
Replace it if defective.

Replace it if defective.


Does not clean the dishes

No water
Make sure the dishwasher get filled with water. Check if the water shut-off valve under the sink is open. If you get water to the dishwasher, but  still no water inside, the problem might be with a faulty water valve located at the bottom or any side of the dishwasher in this case replace the water valve.

Not enough water
If  not enough water, the dishes will not get cleaned. This could be caused by a partially closed water shut-off valve under the sink, or a faulty dishwasher water valve at the bottom or any side of the dishwasher.

Clogged spay arms
There is usually two or three spray arms in a dishwasher. Make sure their holes are not blocked with debris. 

Water temperature is not warm enough
To get the best results, the water has to be at 120 degrees.

Not enough soap
If you fill one part of the soap cup, try to add soap to both parts.


Does not drain

Air gap 
Check an air gap in the sink, near the faucet if it is clogged. Open the top cap and see if  anything blocked inside. 

Drain hoses

If the drain hose is clogged, the dishwasher will not drain. It is very common that a hose going from the air gap into the garbage disposer is clogged. You need remove and clean this hose. 

Broken belt
Some models use a belt to drive the pump. Replace the belt if it is broken.

Some models have two pumps inside – one takes care of the wash cycles, the other drains the water out. If the drain pump is broken, the dishwasher will not drain. Replace any broken pump components or pump itself. 

Drain solenoid
Some models use a drain solenoid to drain water out. If the solenoid gets stuck, it will prevent the water from draining out. Try to free up the solenoid. If not, you have to replace the pump assembly.

If the motor is stuck, try to free it up by manually spinning the motor or it needs to be replaced.

Replace it if defective 


Dishwasher Repair


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