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Refrigerator repair

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Refrigerator tips

Clean the condenser coils regularly.  When coils are covered in dust, pet hair and dirt the compressor takes more energy to work properly. The clean state of the condenser coil has a positive effect on the compressor operation. That will increase the life of you refrigerator.

Check the door seal regularly. The not closed firmly door will not keep cold air inside and make run the compressor more.  The firm door seal makes your compressor to run less and increase its life.

In case of stopping or reduction in cooling or any unusual noises contact us directly to have the refrigerator checked.



Common problems


It does not run

  • Check power outlet
    Make sure the refrigerator is properly plugged in and the outlet is functioning.  If the outlet is working correctly, check the circuit breaker in your home.
  • Compressor
    If your compressor fails to operate this may be it is burned out and needs to be replaced.
  • Overload relay
    If the overload relay does not start the compressor that means it is not working and requires replacement.
  • Thermostat
    It is likely that you have a bad cool control thermostat. Try resetting by turning it off, then on to reboot. If this fails it needs to be replaced.



It does not cool

  • Condenser coils
    Make sure the condenser coils is clean to prevent dust build up and overheating.  Simply unplug and use a long coil cleaning brush to clean it.
  • Check seals
    If your refrigerator door seal is broken or not firm enough, warm air is coming inside the unit, thus causing it to not cool properly. Prevent this from happening by replacing your door seal.
  • Temperature controls
    Ensure that your thermostat is set correctly, usually 37-40 degrees in a fresh food section and 0 degrees in a freezer. 
  • Defective condenser fan
    When this fan is defective, the compressor does not have enough ventilation and can not make a cooling cycle properly. It requires replacement.
  • Compressor issues
    Check if there are clicking sounds coming from the compressor as it tries to start. If there is a clicking, it is one of only two options, either the start capacitor or a bad compressor. A start capacitor is fairly inexpensive whereas a sealed system repair on the compressor is very expensive and often not cost effective.



Freezer is cold. Refrigerator is warm.

  • Evaporator coils are frosted over
    If your issue is that the freezer is cold but the refrigerator is not cold enough,  check the defrost system. When the defrost thermostat or defrost heater stop working properly the evaporator coil and fan get frost coated and all section gets warm.  It means the defrost thermostat and/or defrost heater need to be replaced. 
  • Damper
    Next reason may be the damper door could be broken or jammed. The damper is a door that opens and closes to allow cool air to flow between the freezer and the refrigerator, and if it fails cold air will not enter to the refrigerator to keep it cold. The damper needs to be replaced if it is no longer operating properly.
  • Thermistor
    If  the freezer is cold but the refrigerator is not as cold enough, the thermistor connected to the control board might be defective. This is a sensor that examines the temperature inside the refrigerator. If it is defective, the refrigerator could not cool properly.
  • Temperature control board
    Next reason may be the temperature control board could be at fault. The temperature control board regulate voltage to the fan motors and compressor to make them functioning. This board is very often misdiagnosed and as a result needs to be replaced.
  • Main control board
    A possible cause for a freezer that’s cold but refrigerator that’s not cold enough could be the main control board. The main control board  controlling the defrost cycle, compressor, and run time.  This board could get misdiagnosed as well. Recommended to proceed with the troubleshooting whole system prior to replacing this part.



It does not defrost

  • Defrost timer
    If the refrigerator is not defrosting the timer could be broken or burned. If this timer does not cycle any more, it should be replaced.
  • Defrost heater assembly
    Next possible cause is defrost heater assembly has failed.  That could cause the frost on the evaporator coils blocking the airflow and as a result the unit not cooling properly. The defrost heater assembly can be checked by ohm meter and  replaced if there is none present.
  • Defrost thermostat
    Another cause of your refrigerator not defrosting is a not functional defrost thermostat. The defrost thermostat senses the temperature of the evaporator coils and starts defrosting process by activating the defrost heater. All time this part coated with frost and melt back. The defrost thermostat can be checked for continuity by an ohm meter; if there is no continuity , it needs to be replaced.
  • Main control boardA possible cause for a refrigerator not defrosting could be the main control board. The main control board  controlling the defrost cycle, compressor, and run time.  This board could get misdiagnosed as well. Recommended to proceed with the troubleshooting whole system prior to replacing this part.



It makes noise 

  • Motor fan defective
    If the motor fan has loosened within assembly and can not longer operates correctly it start making a loud noise. It means it should be replaced. 
  • Evaporator fan defective
    If the evaporator fan has loosened and can not longer operates correctly it start making a loud noise. Make sure to let it defrost and replace it.



Water leaking

  • Water valve
    If the water lines to/from water valve is connected not firm enough, they is going to leak. Check them and if is necessary fix them manually.  Normally it is pretty easy.  
  • Dispenser line
    If the line to the dispenser is broken or damaged it needs to be replaced.
  • Drain pan
    If the drain pan has holes or cracks it will also need to be replaced.
  • Clogged drain
    The most often cause of leaking is clogged drain system. This system is located in the freezer section or in both freezer and refrigerator section. First defrost it then clean and dry it. 



Ice maker does not work

  1. Check connections
    Check all connections to make sure that water is being transmitted through whole system and there is no frost build up.
  2. Ice dispenser

    Double check if the ice dispenser is not stuck or that ice cubes are not blocking it.
  3. Water inlet valve
    The water valve supplying the water to the ice-making system. When the ice maker calls for ice,  the solenoid-operated water valve switches and allows water to flow through the valve and come into the ice cube tray. The water get frozen into cubes, and the cubes are dumped. When this part is not operating properly, a repairing or replacement may be needed.



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