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Had to call a repairman this last week to fix my oven as it would not heat up past a certain point. I would turn it on and it would just blow gas into the oven, but nothing was heating up and only started to stink after a while. Called these guys, Atlanta Appliance Repair and I liked the customer service. Spoke to a young lady over the phone, who sent a technician out to my house on the same day. Turns out it was an easy fix and didn’t even require any part replacement. Thank you.

Johnson Mong
April 20, 2018
Thank you AAR!
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Thank you AAR! I have no idea what was wrong with my dish washer, but it was making a lot of strange noises during the wash, like loud banging. Then after the wash cycle was over, the dishes would still be mostly covered in food. You guys sent me a technician within 2 days of my call and he was able to figure out what was wrong. Turns out, some parts needed to be replaced, which he had in his truck already. Great for me! Thank you again! 

Christina T.
April 09, 2018
Good work
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I’m not the type to use my dishwasher ever, since we never have that many dirty dishes. My boyfriend and I were about to host an event and have lots of guests, so I decided to test run the dishwasher to make sure it works for all the dishes that would be dirty after the event. Shortly after turning on, my dishwasher threw up water all over my kitchen floor and now I had 2 problems to deal with. A friend recommended Atlanta Appliance Repair and they were able to get a technician out to me the same day. He fixed the problem and I was relieved that I could go on with my plans

Jessica D. Cumming
March 21, 2018
Yes! It’s amazing.
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OMG! Thank you Atlanta Appliance Repair, you saved me!! It was my daughter’s birthday and she requested a special cake that I always make. Well, my oven finally gave up on me and we didn’t have the luxury of buying a new one. Your tech came out and got in there!! It was back on track within an hour or so, and it didn’t put a hole in our wallet…or stop our cake tradition!”

Lily, Alpharetta
March 01, 2018
Great service
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Fast and efficient! Technician was able to spot the problem with my fridge very quickly. He already he all the parts in his car, so I didn’t have to wait. He fixed everything, didn’t leave a mess, and didn’t cost me an arm and a leg. Great Service!”

Thomas Miller
February 14, 2018
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